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Limerick city was sometimes classified as a trade union town, resulting from the 1950s up to the 1990s when the preference of the working class was to be employed by someone else. From the 1990s this began to change. Training by FAS, incentives by Shannon Development opened opportunities for the working class to start their own businesses.

In 2008, we now have a diverse working class in Limerick . Individuals can train for the work type of interest to them. They can register their own company and can strive to improve their standard of living. The opportunities are there to do well if they try. If one becomes dissatisfied with working for someone else the openings are there to "go out on ones own" and start ones own business.

The opening of Limerick University in 1973 added a class of engineers and young business entrepreneurs to the city. The addition of the Innovation Centre and the National Technological Park eased the path for those wishing to develop their ideas and to create indigenous companies.

In recent years, it has become more stressful to own ones own company. There is an accumulation of legislation to be complied with. Especially if one wishes to hire additional staff one has to know all about employee rights and legislation. There are health and Safety issues for the workplace and for the product or service supplied.

We now have a rich mix of trained people and established businesses, which create opportunities for non-nationals to come here and to join in the quest for success.

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