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This accommodation is situated in Limerick city, 16KM, 30 minutes drive from Shannon Airport. this accommodation is also near the University of Limerick UL and Plassey Technological Park.

This university of limerick accommodation comprises of a house with kitchen and sitting room, with single rooms and sharing of bathroom. University of limerick accommodation offers good value for students and workers all year and special offers of reduced rates to holiday tourist for the summer months. University of limerick accommodation is not a Bed and Breakfast accommodation but designed for self-catering longer term lodging of minimum one-month stay.

The Hunt Museum-Limerick Student house .

The Hunt Museum was created by a family called the Hunt family. The family internationally collected about 2,000 works of art. John Hunt the father of the family was born in London in 1900. Gertrude Hartman, John Hunt’s wife was born in 1903.

John Hunt studied both medicine and architecture. Then he started as an antique dealer. He met Gertrude in 1930 and in 1933 they married. They had two children John Jr. Hunt and Trudy Hunt.

The family moved. So did all their artifacts along with them but eventually they were given the hunt museum in Limerick to store all there artifacts in one place and to store them permanently by Dr. Edward Walsh who was president of University of Limerick at the time.

Unfortunately, neither of the parents of the Hunt family John and Gertrude Hunt actually saw the hunt museum open. The Hunt museum opened in 1997 and John Hunt Died in 1976, so he died at the age of seventy six.

Gertrude died in 1995, at the age of ninety two years of age. So Gertrude never actually got to see the museum which opened two years later.

The Hunt children, John Jr. Hunt and Trudy Hunt, continued on with their parents work after their parents died which included donating the remainder of the collection to the museum.

The Hunt Museum is located on Rutland Street. The Hunt Museum is only a seventeen minute walk from Limerick Student House. Located a short distance away from the Hunt Museum Limerick Student house makes it ideal for rent in Limerick Student House. People from Limerick Student Houses love taking a break and going to the Hunt Museum.

Limerick Student House is located in a quiet area on the Dublin Road near the University of Limerick.

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