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What are the three main advantages of this limerick accommodation. Free parking, warm house and Free Broadband 24/7 in each bedroom. A real bargain. Excellent quality. Good value lodgings.

This Student Accommodation near UL comprises of a house with single rooms and sharing of bathroom, kitchen and sitting room. Student Accommodation near UL offers good value for students and workers all year and special offers of reduced rates to holiday tourist for the summer months. Student Accommodation near UL is not a Bed and Breakfast accommodation but designed for self-catering longer term lodging of minimum one-month stay. The accommodation is located between 15 minutes (fast walker) and 20 minutes (slow walker) from the Limerick University, UL. The building is situated on a private site on the main road from the university leading into the city centre.

Student accommodation limerick

St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful celebration that happens every year on the 17th of March. It is believed that St. Patrick was born in the late fourth century. St. Patrick is well known as the patriot saint of Ireland. St. Patrick spent six years of slavery in Ireland, he farmed pigs at a top of a hill and often was not fed and had to eat the pig’s food.

When St. Patrick escaped slavery in Ireland he went abroad and undertook religious training. St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. St. Patrick is mostly known for driving the snakes out of Ireland. There are no snakes in Ireland but it is possible that there could have been when St. Patrick was alive.

Most things that are green, gold, shamrocks and luck is associated with St. Patrick. There are many theories that relate to why we celebrate St. Patrick’s parade one of them in that St. Patrick was suppose to have died on 17th March in 460 in Ireland. It is believed that because the Irish spread throughout the world they brought with them there old tails and celebrations.

So now thanks to St. Patrick every year on the 17th of March people from all over Ireland go to their local parade with there family and friends. In limerick that local parade would normally be on O’Connell’s street carrying on until the people’s park. You can walk to O’Connell’s street for only twenty minutes of your time from Student Accommodation Limerick.

After the local family parade if that wasn’t enough for you there are many activities on in the Georgian Perry Square. It is called the Perry Square Fair. You can walk to the Perry Square Fair from Student Accommodation Limerick and it will only take you about twenty five minutes.

Student accommodation to let near university of limerick
Student holiday accommodation university limerick


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