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Angela’s Ashes-Student Accommodation Limerick

A book which I recommend you read if you intend visiting limerick is “Angela's Ashes”.

Angela’s Ashes draws a number of tourists to Limerick every year based on the experiences and thoughts of the readers that read this book. Angela’s Ashes was published in 1992. Frank McCourt is the author of this book. Online book. Frank McCourt lived in Limerick in the 1930’s and the 1940’s. Frank McCourt was born in Brooklyn, New York in August 19th 1930. The McCourts moved to Limerick in 1934. The book Angela’s Ashes is based on incidents that happen to them while he was a child living in Limerick. The quality of Limerick Accommodation has improved a lot since the 1930s. Limerick flat for rent.

The novel Angela’s Ashes is well known for being very realistic and describes harsh times that the McCourt family went through in the 1930’s and 40’s. The title “Angela’s Ashes” is based on Frank McCourt’s Mother Angela who always struggled to keep the family together through the series of tragedies they went through. Limerick flat for rent.

The movie of Angela’s Ashes came into the cinemas in 1999. This book won several awards including the Pulitzer Prize in 1997. Many people looking for students accommodation Limerick read this book. Limerick flat for rent. Sue, my friend that stays in Limerick Student accommodation finds this book very interesting and a special bargain. Sue, who stays at Limerick Student Accommodation thinks that this book that is based in Limerick is very good quality.

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