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Describe the bedroom? The furniture consists of a single bed 3 foot x 6 foot (915mm x 1830mm). A study table and chair for peaceful study. A bookshelf. A wardrobe and a bedside locker. Heating is by electric storage heater, 2.2kW, the cost of which is fully covered by the rent, and better still you control the heat. The warmth is an outstanding plus for this accommodation. The size of the room is approximately 2404mm x 3606mm (12 feet x 8 feet).

The Student accommodation limerick parkway only has a weekly charge of €100.00, this is cheap considering it covers rent, cost of water supply, heating costs, cost of lighting, disposal of garbage, cost of the television, television license, cost of satellite channels and broadband internet 24/7. This payment system simplifies red tape regarding renting and allows the tenant to concentrate on their studies or work and to cohabitate with the other tenants on better terms.

Student accommodation limerick

St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful celebration that happens every year on the 17th of March. It is believed that St. Patrick was born in the late fourth century. St. Patrick is well known as the patriot saint of Ireland. St. Patrick spent six years of slavery in Ireland, he farmed pigs on top of a hill and often was not fed and had to eat the pig’s food.

When St. Patrick escaped slavery in Ireland he went abroad and undertook religious training. St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. house to rent in limerick St. Patrick is mostly known for driving the snakes out of Ireland. There are no snakes in Ireland but it is possible that there could have been when St. Patrick was alive.

Most things that are green, gold, shamrocks and luck is associated with St. Patrick. There are many theories that relate to why we celebrate St. Patrick’s parade one of them in that St. Patrick was suppose to have died on 17th March in 460 AD in Ireland. It is believed that because the Irish apt to let limerick spread throughout the world they brought with them their old tales and celebrations.

So now, thanks to St. Patrick every year on the 17th of March people from all over Ireland house to rent in limerick go to their local parade with there family and friends. In limerick the local parade is normally be on O’Connell’s street carrying on until the people’s park. From Limerick-Accommodation you can walk to O’Connell’s street in twenty minutes from Student Accommodation Limerick.

After the local family parade if that wasn’t enough for you there are many activities on in the Georgian Perry Square. It is called the Perry Square Fair. You can apt to let limerick walk to the Perry Square Fair from Student Accommodation Limerick in about twenty five minutes., House to rent limerick book place to stay in Limerick, Irish holiday rates, travel Ireland, single bed, good condition ul accommodation, holiday value, stay in Ireland, sharing room, acomodation, special place, reduced, discount, find ul accommodation, cheap rates, special offer accommodation, tenant information, great bargain, apartment to rent limerick, free internet, book Limerick accommodation, cheap rate house, bargain offers, discounts, online reservation, peaceful holiday, workers sale, Limerick student accommodation, best deals, great value, Ireland, information book room, night, best, deals, quiet study accommodation, book, clean quite rooms, peace and quite, study Limerick University, college student, plassey, reserve room, free parking, friendly, nearby, short distance UL, travel, quality Limerick Accommodation.


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