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How do I pay for my accommodation? Pay each month in advance. The deposit is payable by paypal or euro bank draft. Do not post foreign cheques due to high bank charges. Paying rent by cash is preferred.

* €100 per week *

Price includes Rent, Water, Electric, Heating, TV, Bin, Broadband Internet. This Limerick University for rent comprises of a house with single rooms and sharing of bathroom, kitchen and sitting room.

The longest river in Ireland flows through the grounds of Limerick university. This lends itself to a very picturesque setting since the river bank has lush pastures from decades of overflowing with its resulting fertilising effect on the soil. Limerick University students who stay in Limerick-Accommodation University rent can join a club at the Limerick university accommodation and enjoy water sports such as Canoeing, rowing, sailing and snorkling. For the less energetic a path meanders with the river for aproximately 5KM. Students and worker from limerick acommodation all stressed out form the pressures of modern living can use this special path for exercise and free recreation. The stress from attending a day of lectures at limerick university, together with hours of study can be wiped clean. Some say that the negative ions from water is very relaxing. My friend Susan from limerick house to rent makes it part of her weekly schedule to take a 3Km walk along the banks by limerick university at least four times per week. You could pay alot for this relaxing treatment but here you have it for free. Susan says that there is something very calming about a stroll by the limerick university accomodation bank. By joining one of the water clubs at Limerick University you can avail of the facilities of the Limerick Physical education College. This is part of Limerick University which trains PE, Physical Education teachers. Our accommodation and rooms to rent in Limerick are lucky to be located in such a quiet location and to have the facilities available. The best deal in accommodation is not always apparent in the clean quiet rooms at low price.

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