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 Cheap Accommodation Limerick

The River Fest which is Limericks biggest festival event. It takes place on the banks of the river Shannon. The River Fest is only a twenty minute walk away from cheap accommodation limerick which is a great bargain. The River Fest shows off all limericks talents which are Food, Art, Fashion, Sports and live music.

The River Fest takes place on the end of May or the start of April and continues on for two weeks. The river Fest in Limerick has many competitions example: BBQ competition, fifty different countries are involved in this.

Many jpeople who stay at Cheap Accommodation go to the River Fest. It’s too good to miss for every body at cheap accommodation which is free and a great bargain. The facilities are great and so is the enjoyment in limerick at the River Fest.

The River Fest in Limerick on the banks of the river Shannon also has a variety of urban sports, for example: Kayaking, skateboarding, Graffiti arts show and street mountain bike competitions. In River Fest, on the banks of the river Shannon in limerick are many venues of visual art.

Any one in cheap Accommodation Limerick can pop over to the river fest and compete in all the competitions and visualize all that there is to be visualized in the art venues. The River Fest in Limerick is a breathtaking experience for any one in Cheap Accommodation Limerick. It is a perfect place to be, it is a bargain and great quality things to buy everywhere for people in Cheap Accommodation Limerick.


Cheap Accommodation Limerick