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Shopping scene in Limerick, Apartment classifieds Limerick

In the 1970s most of the shops in Limerick were located in the city centre. As the traffic congestion in the city centre became a problem the authorities were compelled to develop ring roads around Limerick city. This led to the establishment of suburban shopping centres with a wide selection of stores.

Apartment classifieds Limerick. The shopping centres are located on the major roads on the outskirts of Limerick city. For example on the main road from Limerick to Cork about two kilometres from Limerick city centre apartments classified you will find the Cresent shopping centre. Similarily on the main Limerick-Dublin Road, approximately two kilometres from Limerick city centre apartments classified you will find the Limerick Parkway shopping centre. Also on the road from Limerick Apartment classifieds to Shannon Airport about 3KM from Limerick city centre apartments classified Limerick you will find the Jetland shopping centre.

Each of these shopping centre are positioned so that the Apartment classifieds Limerick as well as the people from the countryside who live further out on that side of the Apartment classifieds Limerick can access the shopping centre with ease. House for rent in Ireland.

These shopping centres, near Limerick Accommodation have plenty safe parking for free, unlike the city centre which has an hourly parking charge of over 2 euro. Your car and property inside your car are also safe in these shopping centres than they would be if parked on the streets of the city centre.

On the Limerick Dublin Road side of Limerick Castletroy accommodation the limerick shopping is more individual. The castletroy shopping centre has superquin limerick and a number of smaller shops. These are located near MacDonalds on the main Dublin Road.  Seperate, and a little farther out from the city is Lidl across the road from Chawks petrol station.  The best car wash is located at chawks petrol station.



Apartment classifieds Limerick Acommodation