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Who will I be sharing with? There are no criteria limiting who can apply for rooms. However, if you have preferences, please make them

Shopping at Limerick Ireland accommodation

known at the time of application. Normally there are, a mixture of both male and female, and of various nationalities. We try not to put too many of any one nationality together in order to encourage the various nationalities to experience one another.

Limerick city is a very well known city in Ireland.

It is the third largest city in Ireland. Limerick city has a population of 52,539 and an additional 34,197 in the suburbs.

One of Ireland’s very popular universities is the University of Limerick also called U.L which is near limerick Ireland accommodation. The University of Limerick has received a reputation of being one of Ireland’s best universities in industry-led research.

The university is situated on the Dublin road which is near limerick Ireland Accommodation.

 Apartment Limerick city is very popular in this area near UL, University of Limerick  

Also near the University of Limerick and Limerick Ireland Accommodation are many shopping areas. One of the shopping areas near the flat limerick and University of Limerick is a shopping centre called the Parkway.

The Parkway is a very popular shopping centre near the University of Limerick which is near Limerick Accommodation Ireland. Nearby the Parkway shopping centre contains many of Limericks popular shops for all your grocery and clothing needs located near cheap limerick accomodation.

The parkway shopping centre of limerick near the University of Limerick and Limerick Ireland Accommodation is on the Dublin road. For students staying in Limerick Ireland Accommodation or attending University Of Limerick the parkway shopping centre is very helpful and nice to have nearby the Limerick Accommodation Ireland.

With only a five minute walk from the University of Limerick and Accommodation Ireland it an excellent service. Also across the road is the Childers Road Shopping Centre also known as The Retail Park. This area has a very wide variety of shops and is a good place to hire room student limerick.

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