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What will be provided in the accommodation? Kitchen facilities are provided to prepare your own meals. A Seating area is provided to watch television. Bedrooms are provided for sleeping and studying. A shower and toilet are also provided.

This Accommodation in Limerick comprises of a house with single rooms and sharing of bathroom, kitchen and sitting room. Accommodation in Limerick offers good value for students and workers all year and special offers of reduced rates to holiday tourists for the summer months. The Accommodation in Limerick is not a Bed and Breakfast accommodation but is designed for self-catering longer term lodging of minimum one-month stay.

Clubs near Accommodation in Limerick

Many of Limericks night clubs which people from Accommodation in Limerick frequent are in an area of Limerick City called the old Quarter. The best known club in Limerick city, due to its many awards is called Trinity Rooms. Trinity Rooms is made up of three rooms and two large courtyards which add to its electric atmosphere. Trinity Rooms is open seven nights a week and hosts many famous and popular bands and DJ’s playing every night.

Sue, who stays in Accommodation in Limerick likes going to clubs every now and again. Her favorite night club venue is Dolan’s Warehouse, situated on the Dock Road in Limerick city. Sue likes to rent a room in Limerick because of the variety of acts and the nice people that are in the area. Limerick Accommodation is nice place to stay.

Dolan’s Warehouse is a twenty minute walk from Accommodation in Limerick, and a short spin with a taxi costing around seven euro from Accommodation in Limerick. Dolan’s Warehouse mainly concentrates on traditional music and covers by various artists. They have live performances In Dolan’s Warehouse almost every night. The atmosphere is special.

Dolan’s Warehouse hosts local bands which supports and brings in more crowds from Accommodation in Limerick. Dolan’s Warehouse has a comedy every Wednesday night. Also if Dolan’s Warehouse isn't good enough there is a “Dolan’s Upstairs”. Accommodation in Limerick offers a wide variety of entertainment in the immediate surrounds.

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